Air Shock Absorption System

Lightweight star vibration Isolator, balance the horizontal shake and inertia of the stabilizer
Support maximum load-bearing capacity of 6.6kg

Upgrade Flight Case

Portable and durable use with support bracket and pulley

CVD Suction Cup

The suction cup combined with CVD universal ball shaft, copes with various curved surfaces and slide freely on the dovetail plate.

V-mount Sliding Plate

Mount anywhere in the dovetail plate with upgraded v-mount battery slider.

Safety String Bracket

Stable safety upgrade, multi-directional protection for car shooting equipment

Bidirectional Transmission Bracket

Conveniently switch the position of the Integrated devices in different shooting scenarios.

Humanization Design
Star Vibration Isolator Pro

Precisely control rebound damping with upper&side knob
Compatible with DJI Ronin 2 11kg payload

Optional Extension Arm

Modular extension to be a larger arm, simple and easy to adjust the height