95mm Filter System
New Revolution Circular Filter System
Compatiable TiLTA MB-T16 Mirage Matte Box
Quick Installation
K95 Optical Glass

Double-Sided 12-Layer Coating

95mm Filter Size

Filming Without Any Burden

IRND Filter Series

0.3-2.1   |  1-7 Stop

True Colour Reproduction Lossless Sharpness

Double-Sided 12-Layer Coating

Full Spectrum Coverage

99.8% cut-off rate for infrared ultraviolet light source
Re- subverting design for the digital era

MIST Filter Series

Mist 1/2-1/8   |  1-3 Stop

Create a Fluffy Atmosphere
Easy To Install
VFX V-Streak Filter Series
New Filter World Awakening Inspiration

0.3-2.1   |  1-7 Stop

Dream Maker

VFX special effe filter, focus on creating ultimate special effects with the limit of vision

Anamorphic Widescreen

V- Streak Filter series perfectly restore the point light source streaking effect that only anamorphic widescreen can achieve

Optional filters
Rainbow | White | Blue | Orange | Rainbow dazzel | Star-cross | VI lines star-cross
VFX Magnetic Filter Adapter Ring
Features a Threaded Lock to Securely Attach the Filter

New threaded structure to hold the filter. New magnetic design allows the filter to easily and quickly attach to the adapter ring.

Enhances VFX 95mm Filter Experience

More creativity Add VAXIS VFX 95mm magnetic filter adapter ring to VFX 95mm filters

Ultra-strong Suction

Magnetic accessories use super strong magnets, stable and reliable adsorption.

Exquisite Craftsmanship & Keep Improving

Aluminum alloy frame design, CNC integrated technology

Combination and Stacking

VFX adapter ring can be stacked by magnetic.
Realize the ideal effect of matching multiple filers. 


95mm IRND + 95mm Pure Mist

95mm White Streak + 95mm Black Mist

95mm Polarizing Filter

VFX Magnetic Adapter Installation