The Movmax Grip Dolly with its exceptional adaptability, compact design, enhanced stability, optimized wheels, versatile mounting options, effortless underslung configuration, is the ultimate tool for capturing cinematic moments on any production set.

Unmatched Flexibility and Adaptability

Various adapters available, this flexibility ensures compatibility with a wide range of cameras and accessories

Compact and Travel-ready

The rugged and portable case is provided to secure storage and easy transportation for the entire kit

Optimized Wheels for Curved Tracks

With its specially optimized wheels, whether navigating tight corners or capturing dynamic shots on curved rail systems,
the dolly’s wheels provide smooth movement and precise control

Enhanced Stability and Weight Capacity

Superior load-bearing capacity of 90kg, enabling you to mount heavier camera setups and accessories, this enhanced stability allows for smoother shots and reduces the need for additional stabilization equipment

Versatile Mounting Options

There boasts a plethora of mounting holes strategically placed along its frame, offering limitless possibilities for cable management and accessory attachment, Easily secure cables, monitors, lights, and other essential equipment

Effortless Underslung Configuration

Easy to switch to an underslung configuration. Simply reverse the mounts and capture
stunning low-angle shots with minimal setup time