All-Terrain Rickshaw​

Modular Design

Easy Installation

Multi- Terrain
Optional Accessories


All-Terrain Rickshaw
For Filmmaking

Modular Design

Full modular design of the base plate, easy to assemble and replace accessories


Detailed Instructions Of The Assembly Method On The Base Plate

Detailed installation tips for different templates for fast assemble & transition


Tire Quick-Release Design

Quick tire replacement by one person, adapt to different road conditions


Adjustable Steering Torque

Eliminate the jitters of universal wheels, adapt to different payloads and road conditions


Adjustable Seat Design

Adjustable seat fits different height and payload


All- Terrain Compatible

Optional terrain tires can be selected to fit different scenes

Standard Kit

Strong Compatibility, adapt to a wide range of terrains and road conditions

Sand Wheels Kit

Easy and stable to use in sand or under extreme payload

Spoke Wheels Kit

Low resistance & fast push and movement

Rail Wheels Kit

Easily switched to light or heavy rails, quite stable movement and fast transition

N2 ARM Series Compatible

Support N2 ARM and N2 ARM MINI, achieve efficient transition with the gimbals

Slider Series Compatible

Support MOVMAX Slider series, quickly switch the slider build position

Steadicam Compatible

Rickshaw carries all weights, filmmakers can focus more on images

Jimmy Jib Compatible

Easy to switch compositions even with heavy loads

Optional Accessories
Euro Mount

Compatible with slider, Jimmy Jib and other camera rigs

45mm Cheese Plate

Match with DJI Master Wheels for precise operations

Mobile Lighting Accessories

Provide light assistance in front of the camera rig

100mm Bowl Mount
150mm Bowl Mount
Mitchel Mount