Litecomm V1 Full-duplex Wireless Intercom System

Free Your Ears With a Secure Fit

The ergonomic design of the headset wearing style ensures comfort for extended periods without pinching or causing discomfort.
With a balanced weight, there’s no need to worry about the headset falling off during activities. 


Lightweight and Burden-free Comfortable to Wear

Utilizing a titanium alloy memory frame, made with skin-friendly silicone material. The headest weigh only 38g,
ensuring a light and comfortable wear with no sense of burden.


Multiple Technologies Ensure Clear Calls

Optimized call logic from the ground up, ensuring stable connections and resistance to interference.

– Low-power chipset processing 
Integrated Low-power chipset for reduced power consumption and improved call quality.

-Bluetooth 5.1
Stable connection, extending the transmission distance between earphones and the main unit.

– Dual-microphone noise reduction
Suppresses ambient noise and wind noise, enhancing call quality.

– Enhanced ENC algorithm
Echo cancellation tailored for calls, improving high-frequency voice clarity.


Built-in Low-power chipset

Dual digital microphones arranged inside and outside. Equipped with ENC noise reduction.
Effectively resisting wind noise and other disturbances during calls.


Simple Operation, Fast Pairing

The Host and Guests come pre-paired from the factory, enabling instant communication upon startup.
Equipped with NFC technology for swift pairing.


One-click Mute for Quick Switching

The headset feature a one-click mute/unmute function, allowing you to switch communication status at any time.


Group Communication No Interference

Up to three different groups (A/B/C) c an achieve internal communication adjustment, facilitating communication scheduling for different positions. The host has the e highest-level group status, allowing communication with other groups at any time in ALL mode.


Touch to Pair Instantly Connect

The Host and Guests come pre-paired from the factory, enablinginstant communication upon startup.
Equipped with NFC technology for swift pairing.


Three Groups Switching One-click Access

Click the A/B/C button to switch to the corresponding group. Double-click the A button on the host to switch to the “ALL” group.


Matrix Antenna for Stable Transmissiona

Matrix antenna design for stable transmission, ensuring clear wireless communication up to 350 meters.



Supporting Bluetooth 5.1, enabling flexible communication between the host and headsets within a range of 20 meters.


Powerful Battery Life

Enjoy up to 10 hours of use, and stay connected with the option to replace the battery.


Efficient Communication No Disconnection Worries

Low-power chip design ensures long standby time. Even if it is left unused for a long time, there is no need to
worry about power consumption or disconnection.

Suitable for Various Scenarios

Including filming sets, live broadcasts, large-scale retail, and outdoor teams. Easy to handle in any environment.

Filming Sets: Group communication, instant message delivery.

Supermarket: Dual-mic noise reduction for efficient collaboration calls

Live Broadcasting: Free your ears and switch roles freely

Outdoor Filming: Secure fit, easy and comfortable communication

Entertainment Teams: Wireless and portable, comfortable experience.


Universal Interface

Both the headsets and the host come with a USB-C interface, making charging more convenient. In extreme situations,
the host can provide reverse power to the headsets, ensuring a quick return to a fully charged state.


One-click Locating Quick Matching

Click the volume button to find the headset. The headset
emit a “beep” sound, allowing you to quickly locate the headset that matches the host.


Earphone Jack, Support Expansion

The intercom kit comes with a 3.5mm earphone jack,
allowing you to use compatible wired earphones for communication.

Host & Guest Parameters
Headset Parameters
100mm Bowl Mount
150mm Bowl Mount
Mitchel Mount