Storm 058

Wireless Monitor Built-In Receiver

300M Transmission

Integration Mainboard
Tow In One

Vaxis058 is not a simple assembly of wireless image transmission and monitor. It integrates of tow products on a asingle main board. It integrate wireless inage transmission and monitor at the chip level, and greatly reduce space and weight, Making 058 Lighter than ever.

High Performance Wireless Video
300M Distance,Zero Delay

Even the overall power consumption is greatly optimized, the performance of Vaxis 058 is still perfect. under a ideal situation, the transmission distance is up to 300 meter. The powerful wireless chip allows 058 to work stably even in the complicated wireless environment.

High Brightness High Sharpness
Design For Focus Puller

Most professional monitor screen brightness is 350 CD/Mln order to make Vaxis 058 meet the demand of focuspullers,Vaxis picked up a piece of HD IPS screen which brightness is up to 1000 CD/m2, 1080P and optimized image sharpness through the parameter. Comparing to other screen, Vaxis 058 is easier for you to hit the focus point even in the outdoor.

Power Optimize 3.5 Hours

Compatible mainstream focus
and DV battery

Storm 058 compatible ARRI WUC-4 / Movcam / TiLTA NUCLEUS-M / C-MOTION wireless monitors etc, Standerd F970 battery. Meanwhile compatible SONY / Panasonic / JVC / Canon whole series DV Please inform sales staff before purchasing.

Technical Specification

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