Storm 3000

Wireless Video Transmission System

Performance improved



Function improved



Structure improved






Super Long Distance Transmission

Up To 1 Kilometer (300ft) transmission distance

Meet all shooting demands for big production, football live, and other events.

- Function improved -

Professional Mode Closer to 0 ms

New professional mode, give you 1 frame less delay than regular mode, Meet requirement of news, sports or other live broadcast.

Optimized Up To 20 Channels

Support more equipment working at same time, reduce signal interference.

- Structure Updated -

New Design Ports
Protect Your Connections

Embedded ports, avoid damage from physical shock.

Integrated Mount
Lighter and Stronger

Pioneer to combine the battery mount and case into one, build a stronger and lighter body.

Active Cooling
All Time Stand-by

35mm smart cooling fan, allow long working time at hot enviroment.

Antenna Protective Cover
Reduce Antenna Consumption

Give strong protection to the most frequently damaged antenna, extend the service life of each antenna.

Free from​ From assemble and disassemble.

Protective Enhancement

Pioneer to integrate battery mount to the body, makes Storm 3000 lighter, thinner and structure stabler.


40% smallerbt RX, 17% smaller by TX

New Blade Antenna

Vaxis new blade antenna (patent NO.201721469986.2), More durable and practical.

Vaxis Channel Scanner

Find your best channel in one click, compatible to all Vaxis Storm series.

Technical Specification

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