Wireless Video Transmission

Quick Setups

No more repeatedly adjust the noga arm, easy disassemble and assemble.

Stable Structure

No more worries about noga arm loose problem, focus on your shooting.

Fewer Cables

The power pass through feature eliminates unnecessary power cables, reducing clutter.

Still a tradition transmitter

In scenarios where a traditional setup is preferred, the Storm 3000DV offers 1/4 20″ threading to allow traditional mounting options

With the V-L _ock accesso- ries Storm 3000DV can also achieve rapid disassembly and assembly.

Besides the integrated structure, Storm 3000 DV is also an outstanding wireless transmission performance, the transmission distance is up to 1 km line of sight, which is close to the limit of the current omnidirectional antenna transmission (a directional antenna transmission is usually used for longer distance transmis- sion). So it will meet the wireless monitoring demand no matter it’s big sport events or in huge flm set.

More channels options

Similar to other Vaxis products, the Storm 3000DV uses the new generation of frequency solution which will support more channels and allow for multiple wireless monitoring simultaneously. With the same token, additional channels means less signal interference with other signal sources.

Exquisite side screen, intuitive info display

The Vaxis 3000DV has been thoughtfully designed all the way down to the new side panel display screen, which allows for easier access and viewing of the menu and functions.

Light,thin and fast

Storm 3000 DV has been integrated the most internally to compress the size, make it the thinnest and lightest among all the Storm series product and other same level product.

0s Mode

0s Mode perfectly solves playback delay problem of Arri Alexa Mini, and Storm 3000 DV can still be switched back to Normal Mode to fht other cameras.

Triple Kit