Production Cart


Entirely Produced By Fine CNC Workmanship

Hard oxidation of aluminum alloy parts, the average thickness of aluminum alloy parts is not less than 50UM (4-10 times thicker than ordinary oxide film). Enhances wear resistance and hardness Protects metal surfaces

Easy Disassembly And Assembly Convenient Transition

Build for the needs of DIT, post-production, director, etc.

Full Quick Release Convenient Design

Build for the needs of DIT, post-production, director, etc.

100% Sealed Bearing Wheels

Four -wheel suspension, strong and wear-resistant. Easily cope with all kinds of roads. The tire can be quick- ly disassembled.

The tire pressure is recommended to reach 2.0~2.5Bar of the cart

The push handle can be installed on both front and back

Anti-Slip Handle Design Comfortable and intimate, the handle height can be adjusted,beautiful texture

100 Bawl Mouth Gimbal And Machine Docking

The cart body has multiple 1/4" and 3/8* screw holes, which are multi-functional expansion accessories for DIT, cinematographer. recording, etc. and battery management

Open Design

The upper platform side is an open design, which can be used as a temporary office platform, allowing you to make full use of time

Computer Stand

Lock the computer to prevent it from falling off. Non-slip table top, can hold two of 24-inch monitors at the same time