Air Shock Absorption Car Shooting System

N2 Arm Mini uses 0-140Psi air shock absorber with multi- grade adjustment of rebound damping, which is convenient for rapid adjustment under different weight.

Star Vibration Isolator

The horizontal damping head adopts star mode engine, works with three hydraulic cylinders to balance the horizontal shake and inertia of the stabilizer

Suspension Damping System

The damping tank is made of silicone rubber to block the high- frequency vibration of the picture.

TCA System

N2 arm Mini changes the damping working direction and working stroke through the turning point and pull rod to absorb large vertical vibration


Following the classic patented structure of TILTA Hydra Alien to meet the requirements of multi-camera installation.

Super Adsorption Design

Adapt to various curved surfaces, fulfil various creativity

Compatible with All Vaxis Products

Independent Operation in Filming

Fast & Steady Filming

Quick Installation
Easy Locking

N2 Arm Mini Air Shock Absorption System

0-6.6kg payload, adapted to various weights with hydraulic air pump, no springs needed

Dovetail Sliding Plate

With double- sided dovetail sliding plate, it can be connected in reverse direction. Both sides of the dovetail sliding plate are equipped with toothed safety rails. When the clamping lever are loose or mistakenly touched, it can be achieved as a second protective lock. The plate can be fully moved only by long pressing the safety rail to release the positioning pin.

CVD Suction Cup

The suction cup combined with CVD universal ball shaft can quickly adapt to various curved surface in any directions. Adjust the entire kit and Arm adsorption angle through the screw structure at the rear end of CVD ball shaft, to ensure

V-Mount Sliding Plate

ntegrate multiple dedicated installation positions for power supply, to escort the wireless transmission system and camera rigs for long-term operations

Package Contents:

  • 2x Double Sided Dovetail Sliding Plate
  • 1x Flight Case (Net Weight 8.7KG)
  • 5x Double Sided Dovetail Plate (1*M1/2*M2/1*M3/1*M4)
  • 4x Suction Cup Connect Sliding Plate
  • 1x Arm Bracket Connector
  • 6x Silicone Rubber (0- -3kg)
  • 1x V Mount Sliding Plate
  • 1x Inflator
  • 1x Star Vibration Isolator (6x Included 3- -6.6kg Silicone Rubber )
  • 1x N2 Arm Mini
  • 1x Safety String
  • 1x RONIN RS2 Connector
  • 4x CVD Suction Cup
  • 1x D-tap Male to 3-Port D- -tap FemaleSplitter Cable
  • 1x D-tap to 2-pin L .EMO Power Cable